TOM - Tikkun Olam Makers - is a global community that creates and spreads simple, creative and affordable solutions to difficulties faced by people with disabilities or underdeveloped motor skills in daily life. It connects makers, engineers, designers, artists, developers, and 3D printing services. These practitioners focus on the difficulties encountered in daily life and produce practical solutions for the vulnerable groups in the world. The most important feature is that the solutions it offers are open-source and this open-source technology makes it accessible to everyone. 

The TOM Fellowship Program is a 9-month leadership program that supports students who want to create open-source, affordable and innovative solutions. The program focuses on learning by doing through hands-on experience in the intersection of innovation, design and social impact. The global nature of the program allows participants to create interactions with other students from around the world as well as meet the best industry professionals. TOM@University project continues under the leadership of Fellows selected from among the students who apply to the program every year.

In 2022, Sabancı University became the first university in Türkiye to join the TOM@University network. In line with TOM’s main goals, it aims to produce affordable open-source technologies to improve people’s lives.