The Human Library, an international event having been held annually, is organized by CIP in cooperation with the Psychology Program of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). Having been attended by Sabancı University students, it has been organized since 2016.

As with normal libraries, the Human Library consists of readers, librarians, books, and book catalogs. The only difference between this library and the rest is that the books in the Human Library are people like you and us and they engage in a personal dialogue with their readers rather than just “being read”. The starting point of the library is “Do not judge the book by its cover!” and the books in this library are representatives of groups that face prejudices and stereotypes, often victims of discrimination and social exclusion.

The purpose of the Human Library is to help establish a constructive dialogue between people from different social groups. This dialogue, established in a comfortable and safe environment, creates a common ground to eliminate stereotypes that form the basis of discrimination.