In addition to ongoing projects during the academic year, projects named as “Discover Yourself” are carried out during the semester and summer holiday. Discover Yourself Projects have been continuing since 2000 with the voluntary participation of students from Sabancı University and other universities. The project has been running in 30 cities and more than 50 times until now. 

In order to contribute to the personal development of children aged 8-13, to increase their self-confidence and to improve their creativity, volunteers provided students with activity modules that concentrate on verbal-numerical skills, human rights, gender, importance of mass media, educational drama, expression skills, conflict-reconciliation-peace, artistic skills.

Who We Work With

Discover Yourself Projects are carried out in primary and secondary schools in provinces or districts of the country that can be considered as socio-economically disadvantaged. Approximately 200 students participate in each project.

Project Duration 

Projects continue for 10 days.

Kendini Keşfet