Problem to Solution Workshop

Within the scope of the TOM@University project, a Problem to Solution Workshop was held by CIP Overvisor Baran Gül for CIP 101 students on April 3, 2024. The workshop aimed for students to experience and internalize the maker mentality. A five-stage intellectual plan was followed in the workshop. In the first stage, the problems that people with disabilities may experience were discussed. Afterwards, the problems to be focused on were identified and solutions to these problems were developed. The applicability of the solutions was evaluated and more detailed modules were designed. After this process, the developmental aspects of the solutions were considered. Finally, it was planned how solution ideas could be developed in line with the feedback given to the solutions. 

After the workshop, Sabancı University Faculty Member Süha Orhun Mutluergil shared with the students the problems he encountered as an individual with spinal cord paralysis on campus and while teaching. The project aims for students to develop solutions to the problems encountered and to produce a product in line with the feedback received.