Sabancı University MBA students participated in Civic Involvement Projects

Civic Involvement Projects was introduced to Sabancı University MBA students on 26-28 September 2023, for students to have an idea about social responsibility and participate in volunteering activities.

In this context, students learned the importance of social responsibility and teamwork in general. Upon clarifying students’ expectations, Civic Involvement Project Manager Zeynep Bahar also demonstrated interactive activities with MBA students to build teamwork, cooperation, and communication within the group.

In order to inform MBA students about gender issues, Zeynep Gülru Göker, the Director of SU Gender, provide a training called “Gender Equality and Inclusion”. Students participated in fieldwork on the themes of animal rights, sustainability and environment. With the support and interest of Local Animal Protection Volunteer Pınar Satıoğlu, they spent time with the animals in Tepeören Animal Shelter. They participated in the coastal cleaning activity in Pendik, which was organized with the support of Pendik Municipality and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Additionally, an interactive Wikipedia editor workshop was organized by CIP supervisor Ege Atacan Doğan. With this workshop, MBA students learned how to become a user and edit on Wikipedia.