Is It True? / Acaba Doğru Mu?

The language of the event is Turkish.

After the Digital Critical Thinking Workshop given by Teyit and hosted by Civic Involvement Projects, we invite you to a 10-Day course that anyone can join.

You can participate in this course, which you can join via WhatsApp and was developed by in collaboration with Poynter (a leading independent fact-checking media organization), by giving 3 minutes a day.

The "Is It True?" course was prepared for WhatsApp users on how to detect conspiracy theories, online fraud, misleading information, and fake news on the internet and social media.

The program shares information for 10 days, sending users short messages and video content about the dangers of false information, indicators that help us distinguish online bad actors, how fact-checking and algorithms work, and how to communicate with our loved ones who share false information.

You can click the link or scan the QR code below with your phone to register.