We look forward to your support for the Ramadan campaign of LÖSEV, with which we cooperate as the CIP.

LÖSEV Children with Leukemia Health and Education Foundation is a non-governmental organization that provides free treatment, education and accommodation services to over 70,000 children, adults and their families who are treated for Leukemia and Cancer throughout Turkey. As LÖSEV, we continue to struggle with Love, Kindness and Hope for 25 years in order to increase the success of treatment in Cancer and Leukemia and to raise social awareness.

In 2023, due to the great earthquake disaster we experienced as a nation, all registered cancer patients living in the region and affected by the earthquake are embraced. At the same time, LÖSEV is trying to bind up their wounds.

The earthquake-affected families who migrated to the provinces where LÖSEV offices are located due to the earthquake are starting their struggle for survival in these provinces. Families who come to their relatives and try to take shelter will welcome Ramadan in their homes, where they live together with about 15-20 people.

On the other hand, due to the cancer disease spreading at full speed, the registration of newly diagnosed cancer patients, unfortunately, continues to increase every month, and this year, as every year, families in need will be reached with your support through the Ramadan campaign.

You can also support us from the links below to meet many needs from food to cleaning, from clothing to toys in the content of the parcels, on the way to live / keep the abundance and blessings of Ramadan all together and to meet the basic needs of families.

For the "Box of Happiness" Campaign: https://www.losev.org.tr/ozelgun/

For Your Donations: https://www.losev.org.tr/v6/bagis