Dear Sabancı University Staff,

LÖSEV uses good agricultural practices to grow satsuma tangerines on a 220-decare farm in Akarca, which contains approximately 12 thousand fruit trees, which was donated by a benefactor in 2018.

Since it is the harvest season, an average of 50 volunteers and the youngster, whose cancer treatments are completed, work on the farm every day.

Volunteers and young people, who come together in the early hours of the morning, collect tangerines together.The collected tangerines are sold at LSV Shop and distributed to registered families and disadvantaged schools.

Within the scope of the CIP Projects with Employees, we will support the packaging process for the distribution of tangerines arriving at LÖSEV Ataşehir Headquarters on Wednesday, January 11 between 13:00-15:00 to children in disadvantaged schools.

To participate, you can fill out the form until 12:00 on Monday, January 9th.* In order not to cause unjust treatment to the institution, it is kindly requested not to cancel the participation at the last minute.