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These are the projects that work with primary and middle school kids, ages between 8-13. We work with nearly 30 schools in 6 different provinces near Sabancı University which belongs to directorate of national education. In these projects CIP aims to establish a brother and sister relationship between university students and kids. Also CIP tries to support their development, increase their creativity and create awareness to the environment they are living in. On the other hand for university students CIP projects create an opportunity to meet with people with different socio-cultural groups and work with them so they can be aware of the problems in the society they are living in.    These projects are carried out together by institutions under the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. In these projects university students are working with orphans, children at the risk of working in the streets, neglected children, abused children and other different disadvantaged groups. Main aims of these projects are to contribute to children's personal development, improve their self-esteem and creativity and ensure an environment with trust and love like they need. In the projects to strength their ability to live together children are doing team works.      Besides to support kid’s personal evolution in order to create awareness in other subjects CIP conducts some projects on specific themes. These are the projects in which kids learn about; earthquake, cultural heritage, environment, children rights and ethnics. Besides learning something about these subjects projects aims to contribute their development to become individuals that think and question.
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