Gender and Sexual Responsibility Project

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In gender project we aim to determine and analyze how gender and gender roles are perceived by society and works to make a difference in parts of society we can reach.

Gender project focuses on the effects of interpretations of gender an society, tries to develop a critical approach to male dominant culture and homophobia while also organizing workshops on homosexuality, women, TV shows, sexist remarks etc. 

The workshop materials could be listed as: 

  • • Media and Gender
  • • Gender in textbooks
  • • How children perceive gender 
  • • Violence
  • • Honor and honor killings
  • • Members of LGBTQ and their place in society
  • • Homophobia and heterosexism, alienation, normality
  • • Militarism
  • • Gender roles and sexuality of women
  • • STD (Sexually transmitted diseases)’s and protection methods
  • • Sexual violence, forms of sexual harassment, gender based violence

Besides the workshops there are also movie displays, dance shows, chat sessions, exhibitions and seminars being hold in campus.

DAY / TIME: Wednesday / 19:40-21:30 Quota: 15 CRN: 11725